History of 1gabba

1gabba started in January 2008 with domain 1gabba.com

Someone have got an idea to make a warez scene site fully dedicated only to the hardcore (and hardstyle) music. At the time hardcore music download sites mostly were working as the discussion boards (soundbase, truecore, dutchhardcore), except some blogs (like gabber.od.ua, tommyrulez, exb, thevinylmasters, DoJu's). This new site had to be the first that publishes only scene releases limited by hardcore/gabba genre (that was later extended to hardstyle and similar genres) At first majority of releases were added by user LKE (top uploader from the popular SoundBase forum, who had access to 0day scene), later admin and other new 1gabba users also have got some kind of zero day releases. Their first logo looked was: 1gabba logo 2008The first release published there was VA-A_Nightmare_In_Rotterdam_Part_IX-(ROTC15)-2CD-1997-FRAY and it's still online Click here for the screenshot of the 1gabba.com frontpage in 2009    See also the screenshot of the 1gabba.com frontpage in 2010    See also a snapshot from 2010 at Web Archive

In the end of 2010 1gabba.com domain was suspended, started 1gabba.in

That happened in the December of 2010, because of the various reasons. Domain 1gabba.com was suspended by registrar and then was captured by someone who parked it and put there ads. It's still working and is for sale at $595 Also was added 1gabba.ws alternative domain In the September of 2012 new message from admin was published regarding new problems with IN and WS domain. There were possibility of suspending both of them. So new domain was registered: 1gabba.org 1gabba.in still had the same design with minimal changes, see examples of main page in 2011   and 2012   years.

In 2012 1gabba.org became the main domain for years

In 2012 1gabba.org became the main domain for 1gabba website. It's still working. In 2013 1gabba.net was added as preventive measure, in order to have reserved domain.

In 2013 1gabba have got new design

For five years design of website was mostly unchanged, and in 2013 we saw the new great design.  New logo was presented. 1gabba.org logo 2013

In 2016 1gabba.pw added

Google always "improves" it's algorythmes, and this time all 1gabba domains were downranked in search results, so people couldn't find it in the first places, so 1gabba.pw was added and successfully indexed by Google and now it's in the top. 1gabba.info website was designed as permanent place for 1gabba search keywords. Hope Google will always keep it in the top, thus it doesn't contain any warez or illegal material. Now you can see active 1gabba domains in the left part of the webpage.